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Notes on Creative Direction

My goal with this demo was to showcase a range of dungeon synth sounds; any of which could be pursued as the primary direction for a possible Tendryll soundtrack

I drew heavily from the Old Sorcery EP that I was sent as a reference; trying to capture just a few of the many sound showcased in that EP: droning bass, pulsating arps, ethereal pads, and soaring leads.

Given the tactics-esque nature of Tendryll's gameplay, I think there's a lot of opportunity for a soundtrack that dynamically evolves, depending upon the state of combat. Alternatively, another possible approach would be a more ambient, meditative direction for the soundtrack that gives space and encourages the player to think strategically about their actions.

Beyond the video*, I also included a short playlist that features the demo track I produced alongside a previously composed track of mine, "Distant Worlds," that I think also showcases some possible sonic directions for the Tendryll soundtrack while not strictly being dungeon synth itself.

*Video footage taken from the Docent gra w gry! YouTube channel.

Need audio services beyond music?

I am a member of Plant Based Audio, a Seattle-based game audio co-op and external development partner for indie developers. In house, we provide music, sound design, voice acting, dialogue editing, and audio implementation. Should you need any combination of these services, please let me know.


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