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Fact Sheet

ZW Buckley

Based in:
Seattle, WA

Latest Release:

Memories of You

ZW Buckley

ZW Buckley is a Seattle-based music producer, educator, and composer for video games. From personal projects to his work producing game soundtracks, Buckley's music is at once emotional, danceable, and dangerously catchy.

Buckley's music for media can be found on The 1099 Podcast as well as Machine Elf Studios's upcoming action RPG, Laxidaze. His most recent personal project is the forthcoming album, Memories of You.

Born and raised in central Illinois to a working-class family of Irish, Lebanese, and German descent, Buckley began singing at a young age. His journey from high school choir president to video game composer found Buckley taking many detours along the way. He found himself performing with indie bands, recording dialogue for major ad campaigns, archiving exhibitions from legendary artists David Wojnarowicz and Keith Haring, producing an interactive exhibition for Irish filmmaker Jonah King, and researching music-led virtual realities before returning to his first loves of composing and video games.

Buckley is also passionate about video game and music technology education. He teaches private lessons as part of his music production practice. Buckley also holds an M.S. in Creative Technologies where he published and presented his research on sound art and music-led virtual realities in Japan and the UK.

zw buckley

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Press Kit

Memories of You

His latest project, Memories of You, premiered on December 4th. On his Bandcamp page, Buckley wrote:

"Memories of You is a love letter to the Persona series. On August 14, 2007, I opened up my Playstation 2, inserted my brand new copy of Persona 3, and within moments my life was changed... I was 14 years old at the time and I was beginning to realize that I wanted to spend the rest of my life making music. Like any 14-year-old, I felt awkward, alone, and entirely unsure of myself. And yet, here on my old CRT, was a group of teenagers who were entirely unlike me: effortlessly cool, incredibly hip, and beyond powerful. I vicariously lived through them as they lived their lives soundtracked by the most amazing music I had ever heard. I ached to be them."

The album features 13 tracks with touches of pop, fusion, hip hop, and electronic music. A tribute to growing up in and outside of the worlds that mold us, Memories of You will have both fans and newcomers to the Persona series alike dancing and humming along.