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PAX West 2021 Recap

My first PAX!

three people sit on a panel discussion at PAX West 2021
I literally told a room of 300 gamers that I thought that Shimomura's Final Fantasy XV soundtrack was better than half of Uematsu's. Bold, I know.

This past weekend in Seattle was PAX West 2021, the first in-person PAX since the start of the pandemic and my first PAX in general. I had the opportunity to participate in two panels each discussing -- what else? -- video game music.

On Friday night, we hosted Video Game Music Jeopardy where I gave my best Alex Trebek impersonation while three teams of approximately 100 people each (yeah, it was crazy!) answered some of the hardest video game music trivia ever. I probably only knew 60% of the answers. This panel actually made it onto one of the official PAX Twitch channels so you can relive the chaos from the comfort of your own home:

Then, on Sunday afternoon, I was on a second panel called Best Video Game Music Ever. For this panel, we picked 10 incredibly arbitrary categories and each picked a hill to die upon. It was so much fun to be able to tell people about how good Barry Topping's Paradise Killer soundtrack is, or how Final Fantasy IX is kind of a little boring.

I can't thank my colleagues Star and Kyle for having me on for these panels. It was a ton of fun and I absolutely can't wait for the next PAX.


large group of people standing in front of a body of water in Seattle, Washington
The first GIG IRL event!

Most of my time this past weekend was actually spent not in the Expo halls but, instead, hanging out with the lovely people in the picture above. Games Industry Gathering has been an online community I've really appreciated this past year. Getting the chance to meet old friends in person and make many, many new friends has been really wonderful.


Well, that's it, really. PAX West was fun. I'm really tired. I'm glad that everybody there was super vaccinated. Would do it again. Probably will. Bye!

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