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I'm joining Peeka to work on their next VR children's book

Music, and sound, and ambience! Oh my!

Hi, all! I'm super excited to share that I'm joining Peeka as composer and sound designer on their next VR children's book. Peeka is a Seattle-based company that produces VR children's experiences to help develop a love of reading in children. In their own words:

"Peeka was created to help children engage with reading in a way that meets them on their terms. In a world where phones dominate attention, Peeka uses that technology to bring them back to books in an accessible and affordable way."

It's funny, after doing my entire master's thesis on music-led virtual realities, I haven't had much of an opportunity to work on VR projects. I'm looking forward to getting back on the headset and making sounds and music that help inspire children to read.


Thanks for stopping by! We'll chat more again soon.

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