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I'm joining Machine Elf Studios for their upcoming RPG, Laxidaze

Hi, all! Just wanted to drop in with a quick update. I'll be joining Machine Elf Studios for their upcoming RPG, Laxidaze. Set in a region known as Cascadia, Laxidaze is inspired by both the Persona and Pokemon series.

I'm so excited to provide music and sound design for this game and help bring the world of Cascadia to life.

Learn more about Machine Elf Studios here:

Oh, and they also made me this very cool graphic to announce my joining of the team:

Anyway, give them a follow and stay up to date on this very cool game we're making.


As a quick note, this blog isn't dead! I realize I haven't posted in two months but my ambition got the best of me because not long after I launched, I got gigs! And, really, that isn't a problem. But I still want to use this blog to let you stay up to date with what I'm doing as well as highlight cool things and people in the game music scene. More to come!

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