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Music Production and Composition Lessons

Do you feel stuck in your music making? Are you limited by your abilities to produce good recordings? Are your mixes sounding less than professional? Are you sick of not knowing how a compressor works?

Music production is complex and multi-faceted. It's a lot to learn and, sometimes, you just need help.

Want to Get Started?

I'm offering private one-on-one lessons in music production and composition for anybody looking to produce quality, professional recordings in a range of styles.

(and check out the FAQ below!)

My Approach to Teaching

I have a holistic view of music production as the process of taking a piece of music from initial idea all the way to a distributable recording.

I also believe in student-led education. I'll teach you the skills you need to know while helping you make the music you love.

In your lessons, we'll focus on making sure you're at the skill level you want to be. Regularly, I'm helping students with any combination of the following: composition, production, mixing, synthesis, sampling, arranging, and more.

It is my goal to meet the needs of every student where they are at and to cultivate a space that is welcoming and safe for everybody, including music makers of marginalized identities.

Check out what some of my current and former students have said about their experience taking lessons with me:

"Getting started or improving in music production can be overwhelming, but through ZW's well-structured and personalized lessons, I was able to identify and work on specific areas that were of most interest to me and relevant to the types of music that I want to produce. As someone with a musical background but no formal education in composition or production, I greatly valued ZW's personalized approach. I learned so much more in these lessons than I have by trying to teach myself without guidance."


"I can’t imagine 2021 without ZW. Having access to his guidance, his voice, and his knowledge has been invaluable to my growth this year. At he end of 2020, I had some goals I wanted reach personally, professionally, as well as creatively and I owe ZW so much credit in terms of being able to reach those goals. ZW took time to understand where I was with my musicianship and catered sessions towards what we both agreed were my areas that needed improvement. Having this level of personal dedication helped me feel listened to, and like I truly had a friend that had my back while I worked on my craft. ZW shared his knowledge and experience with kindness, patience, and respect. If you are wanting to work one on one with someone on your production skills I can not recommend ZW Buckley enough."

- Sulkin' Raven, Music Producer and Composer

"ZW is an amazing teacher! He took the time to figure out my specific needs and goals and taught directly to those needs and helped me work towards my goals. He never made me feel stupid when I didn't know something or asked a question, and always ensured complete understanding before moving on. He is so respectful and fun to learn from. It is evident that he is a master of his craft. I feel I am better at what I do because of the time I spent learning from him. I will always recommend ZW as a teacher of composing and music production, 10/10!"

- Karina Pardus, Composer and Orchestrator

KarinaPardus (2).jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often are lessons?
    Lessons happen weekly. Each lesson is 30 minutes in length and conducted in English over video call via Zoom.
  • What do I need to start lessons?
    You'll need a computer with a fully-featured DAW (which DAW you choose and work in is totally up to you), the capacity to use Zoom, and an internet connection capable of supporting video calls. Depending on the music you wish to make, you may need additional tools such as recording equipment or software instruments.
  • Is there a set curriculum?
    Each of my students have a personalized curriculum based on their interests. It is my job to help you learn how to better make the music you want to make by equipping you with the knowledge and tools to empower yourself as a creator.
  • Time commitment outside of lessons?
    At the end of each lesson you'll be given an assignment to complete for the following week. The amount of time you invest outside of our lesson time to complete the assignment is up to you. Everybody's needs, abilities, and schedules are different. I will always be respectful of your individual circumstances when giving assignments. I'm here to help you learn at the pace that makes the most sense for you.
  • Benefits?
    Everything we do in our lessons is about your growth and development. For some students, that looks like developing practical skills like mixing, synthesis, or composition. For other students, it is about growing as an artist and challenging themselves artistically and conceptually. And, for others still, it is about growth and advancement in their careers as professional music makers.
  • How long should I take lessons for?
    I recommend you take lessons until you feel like you no longer need them. This will be dependent upon your needs and goals. For example, a recent student reached out to me with the goal of wanting to better understand synthesis and, after two months of lessons, they felt like they achieved that goal. I also have two students who have been with me for a year now because they are working on overall artistic development and value having consistent, personalized feedback and coaching.
  • Price?
    Lessons are $200 a month and booked in advance.

If I want to get started taking lessons what would be the next step to take?

Use the "Book a free intro call" button below to schedule a free, 15 minute introductory call so we can chat about your goals. I want to have the opportunity to make sure I can help you achieve them before you sign up. I also want you to have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have that might not have been answered on this page. I'm looking forward to chatting!

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