Keep Us Together

Keep Us Together is a two-channel plunderphonics installation juxtaposing the frankness and cathartic immediacy of young adults confessing their student debt against recordings of preachers encouraging us to "focus on the eternal" as per 2 Corinthians 4:18. Anchoring this dialogue is a bed of slowly decaying '70s soft rock; inviting the viewer to question the veracity of the promises of the 20th century which have grown to be familiar but more and more distorted as time passes. As we live deep in the student debt crisis, we have to ask ourselves if the things that go unseen are temporary or eternal?

I was invited to participate in an exhibition called Things Unseen that focused on issues surrounding college students that go unnoticed. This work developed out of a desire to explore something unseen that isn't strictly internal in nature, debt is a very external and embodied - yet largely invisible - burden on many, many people.

Keep Us Together

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