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Advanced Sampling Techniques: Sample Yourself

Date / Time PST / Price / This is a virtual zoom class.

In this two hour workshop, you’ll learn how to finish a song by sampling your initial musical idea to create new sections. Together, we’ll break down my song “It All Comes Back To You In The End,” from my EP, Fever Dreams at Ruger Place, which was entirely composed using sampling-based songwriting techniques.

Skill level:
Intermediate to Advanced

Who is this workshop for?

Music producers, composers, sound designers who want to finish their recordings, broaden their creative music making toolkit, and expand their ideas of composition and form.

Topics and Techniques Covered:

  • Thematic development and its application in sample-based music

  • Creating vocal-based synth leads

  • The defamiliarizing power of granular synthesis

  • Sampling individual elements vs entire sections

  • Warping and twisting vocals

Important Note on DAWs and plugins:

​This workshop will be taught entirely in Ableton Live 11 Suite with a focus on stock Ableton plugins. The techniques covered in the workshop can be applied and/or adapted to any other DAW using a combination of stock or 3rd party plugins. However, it is up to you to determine the necessary alternative tools for yourself if you are not using Ableton.​

Who you'll be learning from.

ZW Buckley is a composer, music producer and teaching artist based out of Seattle, Washington.

Focused on video games, his music can be heard in multiple titles on the children's virtual reality app, Peeka, as well as Machine Elf Studio's upcoming ARPG, Laxidaze. He recently released his EP, Fever Dreams at Ruger Place.

Alongside his composition work, ZW is a passionate audio educator and community builder. He is an instructor at the award-winning Point Blank Music School and a private lessons instructor for music producers and composers. ZW also serves on the board of directors of the experimental music non-profit, pt.fwd, and the Music Production Advisory Board of Edmonds College.

Reasons why you might want to take this class:

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You'll leave this class with:

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After the live class you'll receive the recording via email that you'll have lifetime access to.

Questions about what's covered in class are welcome at the end of the class. If you have questions outside of the scope of the class feel free to contact me. You may want to investigate lessons if you find yourself with multiple burning questions you'd like me to answer.


If this seems like the class for you, but you aren't able to pay full price right now, please contact me. I'd love to have you attend class.

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