Aphelion (2019)
Game Designer and Level Designer

In Aphelion, you play as a diver thrust onto the bottom of the ocean where you stumble upon an alien structure. As you explore this submerged vessel, you uncover the history of this vessel and your relationship to it.

For Aphelion, I designed the levels as well as drafted the storyboards. The player advances through the ship by solving a series of puzzles that result in either flooding or draining the structure. As a design team, we collectively chose to tell the story without any text or dialogue, so the draining/flooding mechanic was heavily leaned into as a metaphor to tell the story of the diver. Depending upon how the player chooses to interact with the ship (flooding it entirely, draining it entirely, or a mix of both) they will receive one of three endings: escaping the ship, reviving the ship and flying off, or destroying the ship.

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