Jonah King: All My Friends Are In The Cloud

All My Friends Are In The Cloud  presents a video-sculpture and new interactive installation by New York-based Irish artist and filmmaker Jonah King. In the artist’s words, the work “celebrates the resilience of human tenderness within the sleepless mechanisms of digital technology.” The project examines the contradictions of connection in an age when human intimacy is often at odds with our “always-on” digital realities. The show centers on an ever-expanding digital archive viewed via a pillar of monitors. Images of people embracing gently spin and scroll upward like video clips in a social media feed. As the images ascend, they unfurl into a whirl of digital fragments. By the time each embrace reaches the top of the screen, its image has disintegrated completely. I curated the exhibition as well as led the production of Harvest Gyre, the structural component

This exhibition is also made possible through a close collaboration between University Galleries and the Arts Technology Program in the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts. Students from the Arts Technology Program worked with King to create new technology solutions for the exhibition. In particular, Creative Technology M.S. Candidates Luke Lowers, Hananosuke Takimoto, and Bret Williams provided invaluable assistance in developing both hardware and software solutions for All My Friends Are In The Cloud.

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