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ZW Buckley is a composer, music producer and teaching artist based out of Seattle, Washington.

Focused on video games, his music can be heard in multiple titles on the children's virtual reality app, Peeka, as well as Machine Elf Studio's upcoming ARPG, Laxidaze.

Alongside his composition work, ZW is a passionate audio educator and community builder. He is an instructor at the award-winning Point Blank Music School and a private lessons instructor for music producers and composers. ZW also serves on the board of directors of the experimental music non-profit, pt.fwd, and the Music Production Advisory Board of Edmonds College.


In all his work, ZW is focused on harnessing the world-building power of video games to create a more welcoming, equitable, and accessible games industry and audio community. He was recently honored as a member of The Game Awards Future Class for 2022 and he is a co-founder of Plant Based Audio, a worker-owned game audio studio.

ZW holds an M.S. Creative Technologies from Illinois State University where he researched music-led virtual realities. His research has been published in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States.

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