Hi there. My name's Zach.

I'm a composer and sound designer with a working in games, media, and XR.

What can I offer you?

Well, quite a lot, actually. If you're looking for music or anything audio related stick around right here. If you're interested in checking out my varied work in other fields, I recommend heading over to my portfolio and hang out there for a while.

Music for games.

You've poured everything you've got into making your game. The mechanics, programming, art, story and everything else you can think of is perfect... but you still need music. Maybe you're unsure of where to start or what you're looking for. Let me offer you this: you need somebody who you can trust, who will honor your vision, who will be professional, who will write the music your game needs, and get it to you in a timely fashion. In case you're still wondering, that person is me!

Music for media.

Maybe you're working on a film, podcast, youtube channel, installation, or even stage production and you need music for your project. Everything above applies to you as well. Reach out. I can offer you and your same project the same level of care and dedication every step of the way.

XR audio specialization and consultations.

Are you and your team working on the next big breakthrough in AR, VR, or MR but you've hit a wall when it comes to sound and music? Let me help. I spent a year researching intuitive sonic interactions for virtual environments in grad school. I've even published some of my research on the topic through IEEE VR. I can help you figure out your audio needs and find solutions to your problems.

Sound design.

If you need music, there's a pretty likely chance your project needs sound, too. I can offer that as well. From dialogue, to foley, to sound effects, and mixing - you can come here for full stop audio solutions.


Zach is a consummate professional, an innovative creator, and above all a person you want to keep coming back to for more. He made the process of producing new music for The 1099 Podcast a breeze, and was always willing to meet my standards and go beyond them.

-Joe Knoop, host of The 1099

The theme song Zach composed represented our ideology and captivated listeners in equal measure. Within a couple of days, Zach returned intro and outro music that perfectly matched our tone and aesthetic.

-Gabe Carey and Bill Thomas, hosts of Labor Bytes

Working with Zach was a real treat. He’s a receptive and imaginative collaborator, eager to support the overall vision of the director and design team. He was more than willing to sweat the details to integrate his emotionally expressive compositions into the fabric of the production.

-Enrico Spada, freelance director and sound designer

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